Unlimited IT Support

Nearly every company or business in today’s world will require some sort of IT or computer, Flatrate services recognised this and offers a guarantee of sorts, so that businesses can focus on the other aspects of their business and not have to worry about IT failures or computer malfunction. Flatrate services offer unlimited IT support to give you the peace of mind and the trust in your IT systems you need to run a successful company.

Technology has a bad habit of failing or not working the way you want, when you need it most, or are reliant on it, this unreliability hampers productivity and growth. With a Flatrate services IT support agreement, you can forget the stress of IT uncertainty and know that you have a reliable IT support system dedicated to keeping you up and running.

Our Unlimited IT support also means that you will get unlimited calls, unlimited technical support and unlimited technology support for all your devices, meaning there really won’t be any more stress related to your IT and devices.


Flexible Provisioning

With an IT support agreement from Flatrate Services, you can seamlessly add or remove remote workers from your services agreement

every 30 day’s aligning the cost of your service delivery with your actual business needs.


(RDS) Remote Access

Maximise your current infrastructure to help support your hybrid workforce, with Remote Desktop Services (RDS) from Flatrate Services

ensuring maximum uptime and online performance.


Scalable Solutions

Scale your workforce to meet demand, add or remove online users with our fully scalable remote IT services. A tailored service to include

unlimited call-ins, and remote support.


Unlimited Support

Unlimited tickets and support calls during our office hours are included with all our remote desktop service packages, we can also offer

additional out-of-hours support packages, system, and uptime monitoring services as required to support your workforce wherever they may be.

IT Support that won't keep you waiting

Having unlimited IT support is undoubtedly a benefit to any business, but it is made defunct almost if the response time is unreliable or too long and can often end up being a hindrance if the IT support is not available at short notice. Due to Flatrate service’s wealth of knowledge in all manner of devices, servers, computers and other IT-related issues, we understand that a fast response time is necessary for IT support.
That is why alongside Flatrate services unlimited IT support with unlimited calls, unlimited technical support and unlimited technology support, your calls will be answered on the first call and you will be put through to a member of the technical team immediately. Alongside this, Flatrate services also solve over 94% of all inbound technical queries being solved on the very first call, meaning that you are almost guaranteed quick and efficient IT support. If you are interested in discussing this, please contact us.
IT Support
IT assistance

IT Support Tailored to your Business

Each business is different and will have different requirements, with this in mind, Flatrate services tailor their IT support packages to each business individually depending on their bespoke needs and being attentive to any special requirements. This has resulted in an incredibly reliable IT support system, allowing us to offer unlimited calls and support tickets to ensure that our IT support is not only effective but also consistent, giving you the unbeatable reliability that removes any IT related strain from your business.
Flatrate services work closely with our clients to fully assimilate and understand their exact requirements based on their current IT infrastructure and important technology, this allows for a much more beneficial IT support package for you with no wasted features if you do not require them. This means that businesses will only pay for what they need and what they want compared to the typical one size fits all approach. Once the IT support team pick up your call, they won’t ask unnecessary questions and are committed to solving your IT problems as quickly and conclusively as possible to make sure your business can return to full functionality.
Technical support from Flatrate services won’t waste your time by keeping you in a waiting queue all day, oppositely, the It support team aim to pick calls up in under a minute and aim to solve them as quickly as possible so that your business has as little downtime as possible. To learn more about Flatrate services’ IT support packages, download the brochure.

IT Support to Help you

With unlimited IT support services, you will be supported with all of your internet-enabled devices, meaning all of your devices will be covered under your IT support package. This means that you will have access to speedy troubleshooting and efficient fixes for all your devices, resulting in even more peace of mind.

When you purchase one of the available IT support packages, you are entitled to our Responsive IT support. Which offers reliable, quick and effective IT support whatever your needs are. Goodbye to call queues & waiting times, the team aim to answer all your inbound support calls in under one minute. 

Your IT support package will include 24/7 proactive monitoring to ensure that maximum up-time and performance levels are achieved at all times. This offers an enhanced level of IT support that is hard to find, especially with the level of efficiency also included.

Provisioning is the process of setting up an IT infrastructure, it can also mean the steps required to manage access to resources and data and make them accessible to users and systems. By having the flexible provisioning included in your Flatrate services IT support we offer exactly those things with the addition of flexibility to make the provisioning completely adaptable to your business.

RDS stands for Remote Desktop Services.

The IT solutions offered in Flatrate Services’ IT support packages are scalable, this means that your systems and IT infrastructures can increase in performance or decrease in performance, which would increase or decrease in price. This gives you the freedom to expand or downsize your IT network without missing out on IT support because the IT support will always be bespoke to your specific needs, even if they change.

This means that your IT support package will offer you unlimited IT calls, unlimited IT tickets, unlimited technical support, and unlimited technological support for all of your devices. Alongside this, the IT support we offer is immediate, actionable, and provides resources and training. This is so that your team knows best practices, understands new software and is less stressed by technology in general. You can view our Linkedin for more information.

IT Support