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Flatrate Services is a highly regarded Microsoft partner based in the UK, having received numerous awards. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud, we hold designations in multiple areas, including Business Applications, Data and AI, Digital and App Innovation, Modern Work, Infrastructure, and Security. These designations are a testament to our technical expertise, experience, and ability to deliver successful outcomes for our clients utilising the Microsoft Cloud.

As a Specialist in Adoption and Change Management, Calling for Microsoft Teams, Teamwork Deployment, and Modernise Endpoints, we have earned the Modern Work designation. Additionally, within the Infrastructure Azure designation, we are a Specialist in Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows Server, and SQL Server Migration. In the Security designation, we have expertise in Threat Protection and Identity and Access Management.

Our priority is to unleash the full potential of the Microsoft Cloud for our clients. To achieve this goal, we ensure that our team receives the highest level of training and accreditation, and we attract the most skilled talent available.

We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with Microsoft’s evolving technologies, and we make it our mission to keep pace with these changes to deliver the latest benefits to our clients. As a result, we have developed one of the strongest partnerships in the market with Microsoft, based on mutual trust and confidence in our ability to provide top-notch solutions and services. We also offer Infrastructure Management and IT Support.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365, previously called Office 365, is a software as a service (SaaS) cloud platform that enhances productivity and collaboration within your organisation. It includes top-rated applications like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online, and is created to simplify your workflow and encourage teamwork while maintaining high-level security. Microsoft 365 offers essential security solutions such as Identity and Access Management, Data Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, and End Point Management to facilitate secure and flexible working practices.

Enable teamwork with Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that can serve as the central hub for teamwork in your business. It offers a seamless way to enable chat, collaboration, meetings, video, and voice communication across your company. By using Teams, you can simplify collaboration and boost productivity in your workplace.

Simplify your document management with SharePoint

SharePoint is a platform created to facilitate real-time document storage, access, and collaboration. It is supported by strict governance controls, which enable your team members to work together effortlessly from any location and on any device. With SharePoint, you can collaborate and access important documents with ease while maintaining high-level security and compliance.

Deliver email for your business with Exchange online

Email is an essential communication tool for most of us. Exchange Online is an enterprise-level email platform that brings together your critical data and enables your team members to stay connected securely and with confidence. With Exchange Online, you can be sure that your email communications are safe and protected, while enjoying the benefits of a unified and user-friendly email platform.

Protect your business in the Microsoft cloud

Microsoft 365’s foundation is built upon cutting-edge security and compliance technologies that safeguard your identity, governance, and critical data. These measures help to mitigate risks quickly and ensure that your data remains safe and secure. By utilising Microsoft 365, you can feel confident that your organisation’s sensitive information is protected by industry-leading security solutions. To learn more about Microsoft 365, click here.


Experts in Set up, Installation, Management and Optimisation of Microsoft 365

Flatrate Services is capable of partnering with your organisation to implement cutting-edge digital workplaces, constructed using enterprise collaboration platforms like SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams.

Here are some of the ways our dedicated Microsoft 365 Team will help you succeed:

If you are preparing to transition your outdated systems to Microsoft 365, our team of Microsoft 365 consultants can collaborate with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your strategic objectives. We can then align Microsoft 365 technologies in such a way as to enable you to realise your goals.

We have aided numerous enterprise organisations worldwide in migrating large amounts of data and content from various sources, ranging from file shares and on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint Online.

We offer enterprise-level email solutions that leverage Exchange Online to facilitate the smooth transfer of vital data for organisations of all sizes. By prioritising your strategic objectives, we ensure that your transition to Exchange Online is executed seamlessly.

Flatrate Services has the expertise to assist you in implementing Microsoft Teams, offering comprehensive services that encompass end-to-end design, planning, delivery, and adoption support. This ensures the successful deployment of a chat-based digital workspace in your organisation.

At the core of our services is identity, access management, and cloud security. Our expertise has assisted global businesses in safeguarding and preserving their confidential corporate data, guaranteeing full compliance in a GDPR environment.

We strive to enable your success with Microsoft 365 by relieving your IT teams of unnecessary burdens and allowing them to concentrate on their core strengths. Our team of Microsoft-certified and ITIL-trained analysts are always available, around the clock, to provide assistance with any Microsoft 365 support issues or requests.

Having extensive experience working with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint from the very beginning, Flatrate Services collaborates with Microsoft regularly to enhance their productivity and collaboration solutions. Our proficient team of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint consultants and specialists possess the expertise necessary to assist your organisation in joining the digital revolution. Our Managed Services teams have extensive experience in providing end-to-end design, implementation, and support services for M365, ensuring that our customers can leverage all of the platform’s capabilities. Contact us for more information.

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