Backup and Disaster Recovery

Both data backup and recovery have the same goal, and that is to ensure business continuity. We offer secure backups bespoke to your business's specific needs to ensure that your website is routinely protected and safe, so that you are protected no regardless of the issue and can always recover your website from critical errors or mistakes

AD-Hoc IT support

Infrastructure Management

Our Infrastructure Management Services offer reliable management of the essential operation components to improve your business's overall effectiveness. Additionally, we will seek to reduce duplication of effort, ensure adherence to standards, and promote the adaptability necessary for a changeable environment amongst other things.

IT Support

Never let failing technology affect or halt your business again, with our comprehensive IT support services in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a single PC or a complex network, Flatrate Services experienced IT team will be there to resolve any problem quickly and effectively, keeping your organisation running smoothly.